Dry-Stack Stone Walls
Free-standing and retaining walls built using centuries-old techniques. Friction and gravity hold our walls together. Proper design, sitework and attention to drainage ensures that these walls will remain for generations to enjoy.

We use a variety of materials to achieve the aesthetic right for you. Foraged fieldstone, quarried stone, and repurposed granite are some of our favorites. What speaks to you?
Shaping & Planting
We finish our feature installation with shaping and planting the surrounding space. 

Small touches minimize maintenance and ensure your space lives for you.

Built for the Ages

Touched By Stone
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Stone anchors the soul.

Strong and solid. Stone provides a center for your landscape. A wall, a feature, a building, a pathway, even just that perfectly placed accent stone. Each of these draw your eye, anchoring other elements. Plants and water surround, taking their cue from the stone that was there first and will be there last.
Stairs, doors, walkways, seating. All of these can add to the functionality of your landscape. 

We integrate lighting, plants, water and other elements to create a space that works for you. 
There is no better time to install lighting, irrigation, and electronics than when the hardscape is being constructed.